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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Why I Need to Move

This was posted today on our neighborhood email list-serve:

"An extra special thanks for whomever tried to dispose of a used condom in
my trashcan at the curb but missed and just left it there on my lawn. No
really...thank you so much."

The saddest part, this has happened to me as well.


ian said...

Better than the drug paraphernalia we used to find in our front yard on Jefferson Ave. Ahh... first homes.

Kevin said...

You have a neighborhood email list-serve? Does Mike Brady lead the neighborhood watch? And June Cleaver run the bake sale?

Teddy said...

Ahh, the neighborhood email list! Always a bad idea to let a bunch of neighbors communicate when they're pissed off.

So Ian had fighting, drug-dealing neighbors. Colin has prostitutes roaming his streets. Ali and I had the dreaded American Legion hall within earshot for late night ghetto parties every weekend. Kevin had skunks.

Bridget and Bryan seemed to get lucky in Orlando. Never heard any horror stories.