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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Well That's Depressing

Baseball seems to be the sport where a player's career can extend longer than in most other professional sports. It seems that baseball players, if above average, can regularly extend a career well into their mid 30s - mainly because baseball players just stand around and hope they don't throw their back sneezing (which I have done - horrible!). So it was with dismay that as I looked over the Reds' spring training roster I noticed that I am older than all but two(2) of the invited players. The good news? Colin and Kevin are also older than 95% of these guys. So I've got that going for me, which is nice...


Colin and Liz said...

i have been doing arm-strengthening exercises lately. i have this feeling that although i have never tried to throw a baseball as hard as possible, i could potentially touch 100mph and make it to the majors. kind of like when bruce willis finally attempted and was successful in lifting all that weight in unbreakable.

Kevin said...

I'm pretty sure with a couple weeks of training I could get down to a 11.1 hundred meter dash time.

Well, maybe 3 weeks.