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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Totally Underated

As I mentioned on a recent post, I have entered the world of streaming home video with arms open wide. One of the big advantages is that it makes it very easy to see a lot of movies that you otherwise might skip. There are a lot of movies I wouldn't buy on DVD or Blu. Video stores are almost gone from existence. Also, Netflix sucks. Redbox is not so bad, but they have a limited selection of new stuff. With streaming, tons of stuff is available for free. If not, you can rent or purchase online (or download for free if you are a filthy cheat stealing from Hollywood).

So I am starting a post to find awesome movies that I may have missed. Think about it like this: are there any movies that you constantly recommend to friends that they probably haven't seen? I find myself doing that with a few. Maybe not masterpieces, but great movies that are must sees. I'll start off with a couple that I love, and if you want to add to the post, go for it. If you can't publish, add a comment, and we can amend the post. Might be cool to get a good list together.

This is an unbelievable action flick. What I originally mistook for yet another third-rate comic turned film to cash in on the comic book craze is in fact one of the very best comic book/superhero films out there. You know the glowing surprise in the case from Pulp Fiction that comes up again and again, yet they never show what it is? There is a similar plot device in Kick-Ass - except they do show you, and holy god does the reveal pay off!!! See this movie, and get ready for Kick-Ass 2 this summer!

Shane Carruth may be a one-hit-wonder filmmaker (Upstream Color was rough), but if Primer is his one hit, he is a success. Without a doubt, the best time-travel movie ever made, period. This one is so realistic, it seems like it could really happen, hell, maybe it has! Half the fun is watching it again and again to try and figure out the multiple timelines. Don't worry. There is a handy info-graphic online that will diagram the whole thing for you if you need a hand. It will blow your mind!

Walk Hard
I love John C. Reilly. He has to be one of the finest actors in Hollywood. Everything he touches turns to gold. Even in the crap movies he's in, he steals the show. This is one of his few turns as a leading man. It beautifully combines his comedic genius and awesome singing voice in this blatant spoof of Walk the Line. I never hear anyone bring this one up, and I think it just got overlooked. This movie makes me laugh out loud repeatedly, and is even funnier if you've seen Walk the Line. Listen to the lyrics of his songs, and look out for Tim Meadows. He has a repeating gag in this one that is brilliant.

King of Kong
Have to agree with Colin on this one. Just a riveting doc about Donkey Kong. That seems ludicrous to type, but it's true. Watch it.

Role Models
So Colin clearly loves Sean William Scott! I'll give him one listing here. I've seen Goon, and it is great. However, I've got to add something that I haven't seen yet! I'll be checking this one out soon.

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Colin and Liz said...

Goon and Role Models. Seann William Scott is a national treasure. Also, National Treasure.

And for a documentary, King of Kong.