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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

ND Opponent Weekend Review

Since Notre Dame was one of 5 D1-A Football Bowl Subdivision teams not playing a game this weekend. I spent my time getting sick watching their opponents play instead. Here's how things played out...

  • San Diego State - lost to D1-AA Football Championship Subdivision Cal Poly 29-27. Frankly, if ND can't hang 30+ on these guys I don't know what Weis is doing.
  • Michigan - lost to Utah 25-23. And it wasn't even as close as the score suggests. Inept officiating kept Michigan in the game, their quarterbacks did not.
  • Michigan State - lost to Cal 38-31. Looks like they decided to switch things up in East Lansing and lose all their games before playing Notre Dame rather than after.
  • Purdue - also did not play.
  • Stanford - beat Oregon State 36-28. This is a bit disturbing as I was really hoping the Cardinal stunk this year, as I do every year.
  • North Carolina - beat DII McNeese State 35-27. Meh...
  • Washington - lost to to Oregon 44-10. Tyrone Willingham, Leader of Men, may not make it to the awaited October 25 match-up with the Irish if this continues.
  • Pitt (I will never call them Pittsburgh) - lost to Bowling Green 27-17. The Dave Wannstadt era continues!
  • Boston College - beat Kent State 21-0. Sadly, no plane crash was involved...
  • Navy - beat Towson (it's in Baltimore) 41-13. The triple option is dead, long live the triple option!
  • Syracuse - lost to Northwestern(!) 30-10. I didn't even realize Syracuse still had a football team. I thought I just had an outdated schedule.
  • Southern Cal - beat Virginia 52-7, and looked frighteningly good doing it. Kudos for playing a decent team an ACC school on the road to start the season.
All-in-all, not a great start for Irish opponents as they went 5-6 in week 1 including a loss to a non-FBS team. Surprises included San Diego State, Michigan, Washington, Pitt, and Syracuse for how bad they looked and Stanford for how good they looked. The others were about par for the course. Next week we resume my regularly scheduled Saturday afternoon dry-heave sessions. Notre Dame Fightin' Irish football fever - catch it!


Teddy said...

I watched a lot more Weather Channel than football this weekend, so forgive my brief analysis.

1) If we don't CRUSH SDSt, I will be very concerned. They are absolutely awful.

2) I heard about the Big Ten refs trying to give the game to Michigan. Wish I could have seen that! I am still very concerned about this game. Their D-Line is good, and our O-Line is not. I could see us dropping a close one at home.

3) I am also concerned about Stanford. They always play us tough. Having it at home is reassuring.

4) The Stache' at Pitt, and Leader of Men at UW will be searching for employment at the end of this season.

5) Navy looks better than last year. How is our D-Line going to stop that crap?

6) I say we don't watch the USC game at Thanksgiving. They are going to lay down another 38-10 smackdown in LA. We just aren't ready for those guys yet!

Kevin said...

I can't wait for Zoe, Molly, and especially Ava to learn some new words this weekend! I can guarantee that if we watch the USC game at Thanksiving, they WILL learn new words. Luckily, we will all need to watch for only about 10 minutes and then play Yatzi instead.