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Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Glass is Half...

  • San Diego State is bad. Really bad. Really, really bad. They lost to Cal-Poly, a Football Championship Subdivision team. In that game, just about everyone on their D-Line was injured. They rolled into South Bend and were an inch away from sealing the game before fumbling it away.
  • Our offense stinks. We managed 105 yards rushing against said D-Line. This from a team that Weis said was "going to pound it." Our play selection is about as creative as my pinky finger.
  • Our O-Line shows no improvement since last year. They couldn't move the pile on the rush against this rag-tag D-Line. What is going to happen when Michigan's stud D-Line comes to town?
  • Will we ever kick a field goal?
  • 4 turnovers. We made WAY to many stupid mistakes. Add to that the dumb penalties that seemingly prolonged every San Diego State drive.
  • The ballyhooed blitz schemes brought by Tenuta did not seem to faze the mighty Aztecs.
  • NBC's HD broadcast is awful. Hands down the crappiest HD quality programming since I got my new TV. Conan O'Brien and the Olympics look great. What gives with football? I can't wait to compare to Sunday Night Football.
  • We won the game. Somehow, ND pulled their act together and closed out the Aztecs.
  • Zero sacks. Even if the D-Line we faced was subpar, they didn't get to Clausen.
  • Despite the close nature of the game, it could have been much different. Hughes' fumble on the goal line was not a fumble. We score there, plus another score if Kamera just turns to look at the ball when Clausen threw that pick in the end zone, and we make 2 field goals and the score is 27-7 at halftime. Maybe worse if we don't turn it over two other times after big plays.
  • Our receivers look really good. Golden Tate can fly, and now he can run routs too. He will be a beast. Floyd got a TD too. He will get better and better. Grimes is money. Then again Kamera is a bum. He caused the two INTs.
  • Our D-Line actually did an OK job. They tipped a few passes and even picked one off - Jeff Alm style!
  • Clausen looked really good. He was slinging it. I didn't see a single bad pass. That missed TD to Tate was a timing pattern that got screwed when Tate slipped.
I am still very concerned about the season. I am 100% Half Empty right now. I don't see any way this team beats Michigan next week. I was thinking we could go 8-4 this season. I am now revising my prediction to 6-6.

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ian said...

My thoughts...
- Offensive play-calling was horrendous. We abandoned the run on the 3rd play of the game after picking up 4 yards on each of the first two carries.
- Duval Kamara will be on the bench by week 3. He's lazy and he loses concentration too easily. I hope Clausen is giving him an earful for costing him two INTs.
- Still no kickers in South Bend. Kevin, do you still have your eligibility? Maybe time to think about another masters degree?
- The defense looks and plays small. Even compared to SDSU they looked tiny and couldn't get any pressure on the QB.
- Maurice Crum plays like he's about 37 years old. Awful lot of boneheaded penalties for a 5th year senior captain.

That said, a win is a win. Hopefully the team can build off that fourth quarter run. Regardless, I'm revising my pre-season prediction to 5 wins...