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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Bye Bye (again)'s new look

For a number of years, I’ve tried to get away from  ESPN is generally biased, self-serving, and more eager to promote themselves then accurately cover sports.  More often than not, they fabricate and/or grossly exaggerate the story in order to make it more news worthy.  I always want to get away from ESPN, but there’s very few alternatives out there.  

A couple of weeks ago, change the format of their site, and I’m happy to say that I don’t like it one bit.  There’s too much going on, too many Flash videos running, and there’s almost no sports information until you dig in.  Heck, most of the good content on the site is only for “In” members, and I don’t pay for that crap.  So I’m finally able to say I’m going to be leaving  I can’t get away from the ESPN TV stations (unless someone has a solution), but at least I can lessen my dependence on all my sports info and news coming from ESPN.  

I now will rely solely on a sweet app I downloaded a couple years ago called “The Score.”  It’s got tons of news, a good headlines page, and let’s my pick what teams and sports I care about most, without forcing the Yankees-Red Sox game(s) down my throat.  Also, it’s minimally self-promoting (every app and station promotes itself somewhat, but it’s a pale fraction of what ESPN does). 


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