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Friday, February 27, 2015

Aliens - Part 2.5?

So it looks like this is really happening.

Alien redefined horror and sci-fi, and is an all-time great. Aliens was the rare sequel that improved upon its predecessor, and remains my all-time favorite movie. Then things went a little haywire. Beloved characters were cut from the storyline, an ending was undone with a clone/hybrid resurrection, predators were brought into the fray, and the man who started it all did a prequel that refused to be a prequel.

Amidst all this mess, countless storylines exist in Alien-verse fiction and online in the form of dead screenplays. Some of the ideas are unbelievably fantastic (read Earth Hive), and many fans wonder what might have been.

One of those fans is Neill Blomkamp, the South African director who hit an absolute grand slam with District 9, and then made an amazing looking movie short on story in Elysium. Amidst all his press for his upcoming new movie, Chappie, questions arose about his interest in the Alien franchise. This arose from his own tweets showcasing concept art he made personally regarding Alien. Apparently, in his free time he fleshed out a full concept for a new Alien movie and did the artwork. This without any knowledge by Fox Studios. Initially, he said the project was just for fun and was dead. Then suddenly... The project has been greenlit by Fox! Then, he made some very interesting comments about where the movie would fit into the franchise. And now, he has clarified those comments.

So first off... HELL YES!

Next, what can we glean about the potential plot from the artwork and comments by Blomkamp? We know the movie is set after Aliens, and essentially disregards Alien 3 and 4. We also know Sigourney Weaver will again play Ripley. Weaver is 30 years older than her appearance in Aliens, so that has to be taken into account. People don't age in hypersleep, so could she have made it back home? We also know that Blomkamp LOVES to set his movies in South Africa. Could this potentially introduce an Alien to Earth?

We'll just have to hang on for more details. I'm sure many more will come out soon, once Chappie gets through it's press phase.

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