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Thursday, November 08, 2012

You Are Looking LIVE!

Alumni Stadium, Chestnut Hill, MA

It's clear, Notre Dame does not control it's own destiny. So we as loyal sons and daughters are split as fans. We have to root for the Irish to win, and root for other teams to lose (or in some cases win as well). For the rest of the season, I will present a weekly post on important games that we should keep an eye on. The ultimate goal, a BCS Championship victory!!!

Notre Dame @ BC || 8pm || ABC
Of course us taking care of business is always priority #1. Our 5th (with one more to go) primetime night game of the season. Let's put the nail in Spaz's coffin.

Teams We Need to Lose
This will always always include the 3 teams ahead of us in the BCS standings.

Texas A&M @ Alabama || 3:30pm || CBS minor upset potential
Oregon @ Cal || 10:30pm || ESPN no chance
KSU @ TCU || 7pm || FOX moderate upset potential

Strength of Schedule Games
These are the incidental, meaningless games that we need to watch, hoping they help our SOS and hurt that of the teams ahead of us. Stupid BCS! Of course, we need every team on our schedule to win! That's a given. These are some possible games with BCS implications.

Oregon State @ Stanford || 3pm || FOX need a Stanford win, which also diminishes the OSU/Oregon matchup
Iowa State @ Texas || 12pm || LHN similar to above, a Texas loss diminishes the KSU/Texas matchup
Louisville @ Syracuse || 12pm || ABC gotta root for the Orange; they lost to USC and this would improve our SOS
UCLA @ WSU || 10:30pm || ESPN2 we need USC to get another shot at Oregon in Pac-12 Championship
Northwestern @ Michigan || 12pm || ESPN Blue can still win the B1G, helping our SOS a ton!

To nab a few extra votes, we need some 1-loss SEC teams to lose. There are a handful of idiot voters out there who still put Georgia and Florida ahead of us. Root against them! We want Alabama facing a tough 2-loss team in the SEC Championship!

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ian said...

You know, I haven't been the least bit concerned with NCG conversations. I'm obviously following things and am aware of the statistics, polls, and arguments for and against each team. It's just that titles don't mean nearly as much to me as plain old wins do. I hate watching Notre Dame lose. Hate it. It makes me physically ill, ruins my weekend, and puts me in a bad mood for days. And, no matter how hard I try, I can't not watch. I simply want Notre Dame to win all their games. If they do that, I'm happy because I don't have to watch any ND losses.