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Monday, October 08, 2012

Put me in, Coach!

Just read that Brady Quinn finished the game for the Chiefs last Sunday after a Matt Cassell injury. Quinn took them down the field and threw a potentially game-winning TD pass that was nullified on a penalty. KC settled for a FG but couldn't get the ball back before time ran out. Word is Quinn will start next Sunday at Tampa Bay. I always thought Brady Quinn got a raw deal in the NFL. Cleveland (as usual) managed to screw things up (remember Derek Anderson?) and then for some reason they dumped Quinn to make way for Dolt McBoy. How'd that work out, Brownies? I would just like to see Quinn get a fair shot as a starter over a reasonable stretch of games. If he bombs, so be it. But I think he could be good. He gave us a lot to cheer about at ND.

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Kevin said...

Between the revolving door of coaches, a WR-corps I could get playing time on, and an offensive line that does more "Look out!" blocks than McNick, Tom Brady would be a terrible QB in Cleveland.

Quinn has to be somewhat good to still be in the NFL after stops in Cleveland, Denver, and now KC. Then again, backup QB is a very nice, cushy job, with minimal expectations and smaller risk of injury. But keep in mind, KC is not exactly a strong team this year. If he wins a couple of games, though, he might get some more mention.