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Thursday, May 03, 2012

So Much for the QB Race

Rees arrested on felony charges of battery to law enforcement.

My money's still on Golson.


Teddy said...

You know the story:

* Raging off-campus ND party
* Excessive force by cops busting it up
* Rees runs for it
* Rees gets caught, showing Kelly is full of shit when he says Rees is more athletic than people give him credit for
* He falls and his knee hits the officer who tackled him
* Officer trumps up the charges to felony assualt because he doesn't know how to tackle

Unfortunately, even though it's clear nobody running for underage drinking would EVER attack a cop, Rees can't escape this situation. He will certainly be off the team, likely be suspended, and there is a chance he is expelled. So much for having him as an experienced backup.

ian said...

If the felony charges hold I agree, he's a goner. If they drop those charges and it's just public intoxication, there's no way they can toss him after what Floyd went through last year. Either way - stupid...