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Monday, November 03, 2014

Elimination Saturday

For those overly concerned about the Playoff and how their team will make it in, this weekend offers a big dose of reality. No, no Playoff spots will be clinched. However, several teams WILL be eliminated from contention.

Right now, 2 teams are undefeated. Until they lose, they are in. The mad scramble for position is among the 1-loss teams. Every 1-loss Power 5 team, including Notre Dame, theoretically has a shot. Lose a 2nd game, and you are essentially eliminated. Last week, Ole Miss, Georgia and Arizona kissed their Playoff chances goodbye. This week, while a surprise or 2 may happen, matchups demand that no less than 3 teams will be eliminated.

Kansas State @ TCU
Two 1-loss Top-10 teams face off. The winner takes a huge step toward the Playoffs. The loser is done. Based upon their remaining schedules, I think we have to root HARD for KSU. TCU's remaining schedule is a joke. KSU still plays @ WVU and @ Baylor.

Ohio State @ Michigan State
I think we have to root for OSU in this one. I don't think they jump us with a win, but it's certain we'll never jump MSU should they win out. Plus, I think OSU could easily lose to Nebraska in the B1G Championship.

Notre Dame @ Arizona State
Do I have to explain who we need to win this one?

Other potential upsets that we need to root for this weekend:
  • A&M over Auburn
  • Utah over Oregon
  • LSU over Alabama
  • Oklahoma over Baylor

1 comment:

Kevin said...

I'll call it now for the playoffs:

1) Miss St
2) FSU
3) Oregon
4) Alabama

That's my gut feel for the playoffs, and I think it'll happen.