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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

I Believe

am proud of our team and its accomplishments in the 2014 World Cup. We survived the "Group of Death"™ and advanced for the 2nd straight time to the knockout stage. We played inspired football, and had a lot of memorable moments.  In perhaps the best example yet that American soccer has arrived, NOBODY wants America in their group and teams hate playing us. They know we are physical and will outrun them for the entire match.

I Believe
that Jurgen Klinsmann is one of the best coaches in the world, and the PERFECT coach for our team. Seemingly every button he pushed came up aces from roster selection to training to starters and subs. I even love his pressers and mind games. He's such a pro. We are in very good hands going forward in 2018 and hopefully 2022.

I Believe That
I will miss ESPN (did I just type that) and their coverage of future World Cups. They finally figured it out - except that whole Alexi Lalas mistake. Fox has the next two World Cups, and I hear Gus Johnson is the lead play-by-play guy. Look, I love his enthusiasm calling football or hoops, but the dude knows NOTHING about soccer. Please Fox, just port in the ESPN personalities and roll.

I Believe That We
will see a Copa America Centenario that is better than Euro 2016. All of South America will be in it, along with USA, Mexico and 4 other CONCACAF nations. This will give our MNT a real test leading into the next World Cup, something we have not had before. And it's all in the USA. I like our chances to advance deep. This may be a game changer for us. I think we MUST plan a family gathering around a venue and watch a couple games.

I Believe That We Will
be awarded the 2022 World Cup within the year. Whether it's impossible heat (averaging 115 right now during the World Cup),  outcry over 1000's of deaths from migrant laborers building stadiums, or the huge scandal rocking Qatar and FIFA regarding bribes, I think their bid is untenable. America is one of the few countries ready and willing to host the World Cup on almost a moments notice. It was our year anyway!

I Believe That We Will Win
a lot of games with many of the younger players on our current roster. Yedlin is going to be a stud. Green could finally be that creative genius we have lacked for creating goals. We have great young defenders, and our defense should be almost intact (without Beasley) in four years. Who knows who develops in the next four years, but MLS is slowly improving. I think we could have a roster that competes with almost anyone from a skill standpoint. I can't wait to see what the future holds.


ian said...

two follow ups:
1. Fox's coverage will prove especially frustrating from the streaming aspect. ESPN aired every single game on television and online for free. Fox's streaming soccer coverage has always been a premium service, costing dollars. That's a shame considering what ESPN and NBC (with EPL) are doing.
2. Gedion Zelalem. Keep you fingers crossed.

Kevin said...

On the plus side of the announcers for games, Fox does have Fox Soccer Channel, which they could leverage for good personalities and perspectives.

I too am encouraged by the team. I don't know if Tim Howard will be around still in 2018 (he'll be 39 if he is). However, Brad Guzan is a great talent as well and can fill Tim's shoes nicely. I'm still waiting for that pure striker and goal-scoring talent, someone who when he gets the ball at his feet can take on and beat a defender for a shot at goal. USA has really never had that type of player, and until that happens I don't see any real chance of winning the World Cup. Even without that player, I'm encouraged enough with what we have to say we can certainly be a Top-10 team in the world.

Teddy said...

Sounds like Zelalem WANTS to play for America. His dad just needs to become a citizen.

Wonder if Joe Gallardo will become the elite scorer Kevin mentioned? He's been LIGHTING it up.