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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Advice Needed

So the Commonwealth of Virginia happens to have what could be is undoubtedly the most awesome special interest license plate in the union, seen here

It is so awesome that I am seriously considering getting a new license plate just for this motif. The problem is the damn tea partiers have stolen the coiled snake as a sort of logo, never mind the fact that US Soccer claimed dibs years prior. So I need input on whether I should pull the trigger on this bad boy. Here's my thought process...

  • It is yellow
  • It has one of the most iconic and earliest anti-authority symbols in our nation's great history
  • It has a snake
  • Poor punctuation
  • 'Merica
  • Associations with US Soccer
  • It has a snake
  • It is the most awesome license plate ever
  • It has a snake!!!11!!1
  • Tea Party has tried to claim this as their own
  • May erroneously be identified as Tea Partier
Pop quiz, hotshot. What do you do!? One option is to roll a vanity plate along with the DTOM to clearly separate myself from crazies, e.g.


So help me out, everyone. Is the risk worth the reward? Is there a better vanity phrase that would help create distance? Is the DTOM usage by Tea Party localized to the DC area and I'm overthinking this? Use the comments. If folks are on board, I'll go with the best suggestion and put the results up here, and on my car.


Kevin said...

How you wouldn't go with a vanity plate like "PLSSKN" shocks me.

If you don't choose that, just go with "D BAG", "LOSER", or "IMGAY".

Teddy said...

Kevin wins the internet today.

Colin and Liz said...

I actually just saw those plates the other day and thought they were pretty sweet. Also, consider this, should you really be taking life-lessons from Kevin?

Teddy said...

On a serious note, even though it is totally awesome (and might be the best ever with Kevin's suggestion), that clearly is the tea party symbol.

You can look at it two ways:

a) The tea party won't be around for much longer as a stand alone group. You get it and outlast them.

b) It's better than putting a damn Obama sticker on your car or one of those HOPE stickers! If you're weighing the lesser of 2 political evils, I'd go with the snake.