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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Deodorant, Part III

I made a deodorant switch recently, so logically my first thought was to post about it on the old family blog. I vaguely remember the blog discussing deodorant usage, so I did quick search and viola, this will be the third Heffernan blog post discussing deodorant.  What does this say about our family, why do we find this so important, is that a raccoon on my lawn?  All important questions to tackle another day.

So, I like to think that I don't sweat much.  This led me to the conclusion that I could make the switch from an antiperspirant and deodorant to a deodorant only.  Ted had advocated this switch in the past, so I decided to try it out for myself.  With all due respect to Ted, this did not work well for me.  I know his theory is that the alcohol in the deodorant slowly kills sweat glands over time with usage, but that is a transition I simply do not have the time to take.

After using deodorant for a few weeks I found myself rather ripe after performing very little. In fact, I had to buy a new antiperspirant and deodorant and ditch my recent deodorant purchase. I feel it is my duty to inform the world that the deodorant only path did not work out for Colin.  But I am not disheartened.  I learned an important lesson: I sweat more than I thought, and thus get super smelly if I don't use an antiperspirant and deodorant product.  Maybe one day I will try deodorant again, but alas, that day is not today.  That is all.


Teddy said...


I love talking deodorant, and now we have 3 posts (Ian, Colin and myself) discussing this.

I have to say that since my old post, I have done a 180. Ian's post is totally right. Since I switched to antiperspirant/deodorant about 5 years ago I started to notice the unsightly yellowing of every t-shirt I own. I never had this problem before and some research shows that it is a result of the chemicals used for antiperspirant. Not wanting to buy all new t-shirts every 6 months, I recently made an attempt to switch back to pure deodorant.

I made the switch to Old Spice Denali.

It's awesome. I was a little nervous about what happened to Colin, but I have had absolutely no problems in the month or two since I switched back. In fact, this new stuff still keeps me smelling fresh after a morning workout following application the PREVIOUS morning! No significant sweating at all.

My experiment has been a success, and I plan on upgrading my t-shirt drawer to a nicer quality that will last longer.

Colin, maybe give the Denali or other Fresh Collections deodorants a shot.

Kevin said...

I just stay cool, calm, and confident. That way I don't sweat that much and get all rank and noxious like you animals.

In fact, I don't even wear deodorant or antiperspirant. I just rub some dirt under my arms and go on about my day.