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Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Rock-afire Explosion

My basement is ready for Colin... Just in time for next Thanksgiving!

I fondly recall our family trips to eat pizza and play video games. I think there have been various forms, and Chucky Cheese is perhaps the last man standing in this dying breed of restaurant. However, our pizza place of choice was Showbiz Pizza. Showbiz Pizza had it all: fresh-made pizza to chow down, skee-ball to win tickets, a giant ball pit to secretly punch the friends you hated, video games to eat your quarters and most of all A GIANT ANIMATRONIC ANIMAL BAND  THAT SCARED COLIN TO TEARS! Yes, Showbiz Pizza was called by all adults, "The Screaming Place".

So apparently, since Showbiz has gone down the drain, their old bands, The Rock-afire Explosion, are now available. UPDATE!!! I much prefer this version of 1,000,000 by Nine Inch Nails! It also features the gorilla that was Colin's favorite, Fatz Geronimo. So watch and laugh - unless you're Colin. In that case, cry. Be careful about showing this video to Mia, because I'm almost certain fear of animatronic animal bands is an inherited autosomally dominant genetic trait!


ian said...

Burn it with fire!

Colin and Liz said...

You put a kid in a dark room with those monsters and they'll cry, just watch.

Teddy said...

Post updated.

Now with NIN and...

If this had actually played when Colin was little, his head might have exploded from fear.