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Monday, October 21, 2013

Ready for Thanksgiving!

Let all the youngin's know, tractor rides are open for business! Took the cart for a test spin yesterday around the neighborhood. It fit Ali and the girls no problem. I even have 2 bungee cords that can be fastened as makeshift seatbelts.

Still working on a fun course. I was hoping to go through the trails, but the bridges are too narrow for the tractor. It will be plenty fun and bumpy though!


Colin and Liz said...

I hope you like driving, because you're going to have to tear Mia and Michael off of this thing. Can you just teach Ava to drive so we don't even need to be involved?

ian said...

I am legitimately concerned that Mike will have an aneurysm when he sees this. He will literally fall over laughing and crying simultaneously with excitement. We're going to have to strategically introduce this thing, because if it happens before bedtime I'm f@#$ed

Kevin said...

The only way Ryan would have liked this more is if you painted your tractor red, put flashing lights on it, and called it a firetruck. I'll make sure he brings one of his seven (7) tractors with him for the ride.

Can you make sure that Ava and Molly don't mention this to my kids until Thursday morning?

Teresa said...

Ted - I hope you have no other obligations for the entire weekend - I believe all you will being doing is driving Ryan, Mike, and Mia around.