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Friday, January 25, 2013


Is there anything better than the crazy Asian animations of pop culture events?

This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever witnessed in soccer. I've seen streakers (funny and sad), fights (is America the only country where people don't kick fight?), riots and stampedes (terrifying) and even fans assaulting players (shameful). This is a new low. You might think I mean Eden Hazard kicking a ballboy, but you'd be wrong.

I put not 100%, but 1000% of the blame in this situation on Charlie Morgan. He is a 17 year-old ballboy for Swansea, a team in which his father is the majority owner. The match decided who was to play in the League Cup between Chelsea and Swansea. The kid even posted the following Tweet before the game:
Then, with the match tied and Chelsea needing goals late in the game, this punk holds the ball and refuses t give it to Hazard. He then falls to the ground and lays on top of the ball???!!! Hazard barely kicked the ball, and gets it back. The kid earns an Oscar, Hazard gets a red card, Swansea draws to advance, and Hazard is being charged by the FA.

I'm thinking about what I would have done at McNick in a district final if a punk ballboy refused to give me the ball at Summit. Then I wonder what Colin or Kevin would have done in a similar situation. I think they may have ended up in jail! I could care less about Chelsea, Swansea or anyone involved in this debacle. However, I want this kid to catch some awful disease and suffer miserably. What a total loser.

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