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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Notre Dame to ACC


And it appears that they won't even have to cave-in on football.


Colin and Liz said...

i am pretty excited about this move. better teams to compete against in all sports, more stability, games against teams that are close to me! i would love to see ND football at virginia and v-tech. also, i will catch all ND sports at maryland, the place is right down the street from me!

Kevin said...

I almost wish they had joined in football. A lot of our traditional rivals are now in the ACC (GT, BC, FSU, Miami, Syracuse, Pitt) and even if we played a 9-game conference schedule, we would still have room for Southern Cal, Navy, and a Big-10 team. I say screw Stanford - I'd rather play Duke!

Kevin said...

Oh, and I'll be curious to see if the ACC gets another Big East team to keep even numbers. I could see UConn or Rutgers jumping at the chance to get out of the Big East and join the ACC.

steph said...

Completely going to a VTech game!