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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The End of an Era

It's the end of yet another era in Heffernan history. Mom and Dad have finally decided to move out of the family home on Copperglow. Although we have certainly moved around a lot in our family history (Heffernan Family Homes), Copperglow is a bit special. We moved in during the summer of 1990, meaning it's been our family home for 22 years. That's a record. 

I know Mom and Dad are ready for a bit of downsizing, so I know they are looking forward to an exciting new place. Also, none of us have lived at home for years. However, I'm sure everyone is a little bit sad that the time to say goodbye to the old homestead is drawing near. We have more stories about this house than any other, but there is one that I am rather interested in...


Seriously though, use the comments to post your favorite Copperglow memories. It will surely turn this post into a trip down memory lane. 

I would also like to steal Ian's idea and plan one final memory. When Mom and Dad sell the place, I think it would be awesome to get some of us together and have one final blowout - IN THE CUL DE SAC!!! We came in with a bang, and we should go out with one for our beloved neighbor across the street! Fireworks, lots of parked cars, wiffle ball, loud music. Everything that she's ever called the cops on us for should be included in this party. We should have a month or so to plan before a closing. Check your calendars!


Teddy said...

I'll start off. Favorite memory was Memorial Day 2000. I rushed home from "med school studying" and called the family away from the big party for an emergency meeting. While Ian and Kevin were getting ready to kick somebodies ass (why I still don't know), I announced my engagement to Ali. That was a very good day!

Close runners-up:
a) Cicada swarm in 2004
b) Catching Ian in a compromising position in the basement one weekend night with a friend, and carrying on a full conversation with them!

Colin and Liz said...

obviously bridget hit the mail box. in fact, i am nearly certain i was sitting in the bay window when she did it and clearly witnessed the entire event.

1. roman candle fights (what the f' were we thinking? we could have died)
2. a tree falling on ian
3. dutch league soccer on sunday mornings

Kevin said...

I think I'd have to go with:

1) Raccoon hunts with Ted on the slingshot, Ian on the BB gun, Colin with the spotlight (typically running away) and my with a really big spear. We didn't have raccoons for 3 years after that night.

2) Basketball at night in the driveway, and/or soccer in the backyard.

3) Christmas crossbows, re-engineered with darts for tips instead of suction cups.

Ian was always getting into compromising positions with Rhett. Or Keith Zurmhely.