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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Game of Thrones

I'm 99% sure Kevin has read them, but is anyone else into the HBO series Game of Thrones? The 2nd season finale was Sunday, and let me just say... WOW!

If you guys aren't watching this, you are missing perhaps the greatest spectacle on TV. This is like an Oscar-caliber movie that just goes on and on every week. The 1st season starts out strong, but just builds bigger and better every week. The final scene of season one is one of the most jawdropping, iconic scenes in TV history. Season two remarkably ups the ante.

Granted, this is a grandiose plot, with MANY characters and locations. However, HBO has done a good job helping viewers keep it all straight. They even have some good online interactive content to help novice viewers. I have made it a habit to read an episode summary each week to make sure I understand the names and places, and any subtle plot points I may have missed.

If you haven't watched this, download, rent or Netflix the series immediately! It is so good, I may even buy the season blu-rays. My only problem is waiting for the next season. I may break down and read the book series, even though it will spoil the surprises that the series has thrown me early and often so far.


Colin and Liz said...

Do you know where the series lines up with the books? I am 60% of the way through book 2, and don't want the show to spoil me. Ian, I am looking in your direction.

Kevin said...

All I have to say is the books are arguably the best "fantasy" series I've ever read. The fact that I can't even begin to guess where everything is going makes me like it even more. The down side is that George RR Martin comes out with a new book about once every 4 years. I'm on his webpage reading about his conventions and TV shows and I get pissed and think "Why aren't you in a dark office writing the next book, asshole!"