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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MLB Power Shift

Don't know if anyone's been paying attention, but the balance of power has shifted heavily from the NL to the AL in the last month or so. With the departure of Albert Pujols and, I think, more significantly, Tony LaRussa, from the Cardinals, the reigning champs will likely see their performances waning over the next years.

Also, with the departure of Prince Fielder to the Detroit Tigers, and with Ryan Braun suspended for the first 50 games of 2012, the Milwaukee Brewers do not look to have the bats to be able to compete like they have been.

What this all means for me is that the Reds have to be the favored team in the NL Central next year. Joey Votto is also the front-runner for NL MVP, with his competition in Fielder and Pujols gone to the AL. The Reds chances look fantastic against a much depleted NL Central. Thanks goes to all those AL teams willing to pay massive salaries to Fielder and Pujols, who will soon both be DHs because they are too old to play in the field.

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Colin and Liz said...

The biggest loss for the cardinals is Dave Duncan. That man turned Kyle losche into a winner. However the cards are still the team to beat for three reasons, carpenter, wainwright, and Garcia. Until the reds prove they can hang with the pitching of the cards forget about winning the central.