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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Verizon - revisited

Ha, ha, ha! Ian posted about the release of the iPhone for Verizon earlier this year. There was a lively series of comments, with the general consensus being that if you want a Verizon iPhone, wait for the upcoming iPhone 5 (turned out to be 4S) and then pounce.

Among the comments, I spoke my peace regarding the typical complaints about the AT&T network. To save you a click, I will paste them here:
The whole ATT network thing is a joke. ATT has the biggest, most robust network in the US. No other network would have been able to handle the iPhone when it first released. Every network has some dead spots. Sounds like Ian lives in one. I for one have never had a dropped call when I had 2 or more bars. Ever. I think a ton of people were just pissed that they had to choose ATT for an iPhone and they have just been very vocal. I can't wait to hear all the Verizon iPhone users bitch and moan starting in about a month. They'll have something to complain about because that's all they've done for over 2 years.

I am actually excited about Verizon for a different reason. Now all these complainers will leave ATT and I'll get better data connections at big events - the biggest issue I have with my phone. I love checking scores while at a game. O also love sending texts and pics from games.
So I laughed OUT LOUD today when I read the following headline story on CNET:

Verizon's network suffers third outage this month

That's America's "most reliable network!" I'm sure there are no dropped calls though.


Colin and Liz said...

i was on the fence about getting the iphone 4s or the galaxy nexus, but after reading reviews and playing with the iphone it was obvious, the iphone blows android out of the water, and trust me, i wanted to go with android. i love google, and use it for everything, and its integration with android is amazing. the problem is the phones are just too buggy and unreliable. too many "force closes" and the operating system fragmentation for android is infuriating. i hate having to cross my fingers that my android phone will get an os update when android comes out with its newest iteration. i also was debating about 4g versus 3g, but you know what, i hardly ever use data when i am not at home, or a place that has wifi, ie a friend or family member's home. i probably use wifi for data 95% of the time. i just don't use my phone for data use when i am out and about, because i am, you know, out and about, doing shit. i am not looking crap up on my phone. i do take the occasional photo and make phone calls, but really don't rely on data. so the choice was easy, go with the best; iphone 4s. the beauty of it is, even if apple does come out with a better phone in the summer or fall, my iphone 4s will still be great, and do everything i need it to do and more. i suppose maybe once every 2 years i will be at an event and cannot get data as quickly as i would like, it is annoying but rare. also, verizon is much better than at&t on the east coast, we are the verizon hub. at&t is crap out here, and everyone knows it. ted just happened to find a location that gets great at&t coverage and reception, good on you. but if you lived where ian and i lived you'd be on verizon right now.

Teddy said...

Dude, I know! I just get annoyed with the constant bashing of AT&T, which to me seems unfounded. When I read that story, it just made me laugh. AT&T dropping a few calls gets headline CNN national coverage. Verizon's complete data network crash gets a front page line on CNET.

Maybe when Ron Paul gets elected, he can consolidate mobile networks to give all Americans equal coverage!!!

ian said...

AT&T was a serious problem for us. For whatever reason coverage in our area is just terrible. Terrible! I could not use my phone as a phone. Since switching to Verizon I can say nothing but great things about their network. And we have not been affected whatsoever by these outages.

AT&T does have serious network issues. You may not encounter them in peaceful Cincinnati, but try making a call in NYC or San Francisco or any other dense metropolitan area and their network literally crumbles.