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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ender's Game: The Movie!!!

My all-time favorite sci-fi book is Ender's Game. Many would quickly agree, as it was recently ranked #3 all-time for sci-fi/fantasy by NPR in a reader's poll. I have probably read it 10 times, and I even listened to an audiobook performance in my car the past year while commuting to work one week.

Since it was published in 1985, Orson Scott Card has kept tight control over the rights to the book, and has squashed many, many, many, many, many attempts to adapt the film to the big screen. I have followed these developments occasionally, as blog's and websites are devoted to the book and "Enderverse". It seems that OSC has a vision of the film that requires CHILD actors of a multinational pedigree. Previous adaptations have tried to make Ender a teen with angst and relationships - to sell to the public. Thank God OSC has resisted.

So it was with great joy that I read today that Ender's Game has been greenlit for production by Summit Entertainment! The official release date is March 15, 2013. Asa Butterfield has been officially signed to play Ender, and they are going for a heavy hitter as Col. Graff, with Harrison Ford mentioned prominently. I have to say that pics of Asa look pretty close to what I have envisioned Ender to look like, even if he is closer in age (14) to Ender at the end of the book.

I don't think this movie could have ever been made without Harry Potter. That group of child actors pulled off what OSC is looking for in Ender's Game. I have also heard an interview by OSC in which he says the breakthrough in the movie script was his later release of Ender's Shadow. Combining the two narratives from different perspectives allows for a more audience friendly movie. I hope they don't screw this one up. I will be watching closely to see how it comes along. Obviously, CGI will be required, but let's hope they keep it realistic.

ps: If you haven't already... GO READ THE BOOK!!!


Colin and Liz said...

i hope this happens and they don't butcher it, like they did with Relic. I was so excited for World War Z, but i just saw the trailer and lost all hope for a sweet movie that followed the book even remotely.

Kevin said...

I've read a whole shit-ton of sci-fi books, and while there are many series I enjoy, there is no single sci-fi book that is better than Ender's Game.

Having also read Ender's Shadow, I think it will be a good fit because you get two main characters in Bean and Ender. I will be curious to see how they work the Peter/Valentine characters in and their Locke/Demosthenes roles as well. I also think Harrison Ford would be perfect as Graff. All in all, I can't wait for this movie!

Teddy said...

Colin, when you said WWZ trailer, I almost lost it! I Googled, and there is NO OFFICIAL TRAILER yet. There are a few fake ones, and some crappy on-set footage, but nothing official.

I am still holding out hope that it will be awesome. I know the book as written would never work as a movie, but I hear they have an amazing adapted screenplay.

Colin and Liz said...

I pray you are right Ted, I pray...

Teddy said...


Now confirmed:

Ender: Asa Butterfield
Graf: Harrison Ford
Ben Kingsley: gotta be Mazer
Abigail Breslin: Valentine or maybe Petra?