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Friday, October 07, 2011

Thanks Apple!

This morning I pre-ordered two Apple iPhone 4s's for Teresa and myself. I'm generally very excited about this purchase for several reasons which I list below:

1) My Blackberry sucks - 'nuff said.

2) iMessage - I have yet to figure out how this works, but the two redeeming qualities of the Blackberry were its email handling and Messenger. Messenger allows you to send MMS messages to contacts - which can include videos, pictures, and text - and you don't have to have a text message plan for SMS. It was great and now Apple appears to have a similar app for their phones. I'm hoping it works, because I just cancelled all text messaging. So Ted, please stop texting me your thoughts on ND games.

3) It's only 3G - I've heard pretty bad things about 4G, namely that it drain the battery like a hole in your gas tank, and it is in very limited locations, and is spotty at best. 3G is nearly everywhere these days, and that's all I really want or need. I don't plan to stream movies over the network anyway!

4) Updated hardware and software - camera is 8 megapixels, memory and CPU chip are 7x faster than the 4, it's got the new iOS5, it has 2 antennae to reduce the likelihood of dropped calls, and it has voice activation.

5) Dumbass Apple junkies - this is probably my favorite reason. The 4S got all of its internal hardware and software updated, but it did not get an update case, and Apple junkies are pissed that they can't buy this product and get noticed as having the "new" Apple tool. They can't show their "cool" status because the 4S looks exactly like the iPhone 4. Because of that, iPhone 4S sales are expected to lag somewhat, and people like me can get one! Awesome!

I can't wait to get my new phone! It ought to be here before Thanksgiving to show off to everyone. Maybe I'll have it before my kid if born and we can all Facetime for the first views of Baby Heff (whenever that happens). Until then, yay iPhone 4S!


ian said...

Just ordered two for me and Steph as well! Here we come, Verizon! Fuck you, AT&T!

Kev - I'll shoot you an iMessage when we're up and running. Also, before you activate your phone I'd recommend purchasing AppleCare+. With kids, very much worth it in case your phone gets busted up.

Colin and Liz said...

you will be able to iMessage with Ted who also has an iphone, correct? liz and i will probably get these phones as well when our contracts run out in late january. it will feel like an eternity.

ian said...

shoot. i need to know if everyone has iPhones and is upgrading to iOS 5. if so, i can probably cancel the $5/mo messaging plan i have signed up for.

Teddy said...

Ali isn't eligible for an upgrade yet, but I ordered mine today. I love 64gb!!! No more syncing certain playlists. Now I can sync all my music!

I am confused. Are you sure you don't have to pay for messaging? We pay for unlimited messaging right now at $30 a month. I am pretty sure that you won't get a discount with the new phone. Please clarify!

Finally... BIG TIP! Go to the following webiste and sell your used iPhone.
I sold Ali's old broken 3GS for $120. I am selling my current working 3GS for $195. AWESOME! when Ali is eligible for an upgrade in December, I will sell her current 4 for $319!!! That's more than what you pay for a new one!!!

Colin and Liz said...

iMessage is free and works from any iOs5 device to another. if you want to send/receive sms and mms messages to/from non iOs5 devices then you will either have to pay for a messaging plan, or just pay per message. but if everyone you know has an iOs5 device, then you are much better off just using iMessage, and paying per message for non-iMessage sms and mms messages because you theoretically wouldn't have that many of them.

steph said...

I wasnt overly excited about getting the new phone b/c I was quite happy with my 3GS. But after having it for a few days it is awesome! Camera is so much better, facetime is fun, and the phone actually works as a phone.
Liking it. thanks Ian.